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Australians love gambling so we have dedicated this post to Australian Online Casinos. Luckily there are many online casinos catering for the Australian gambling market. MegaKings has a dozen casinos to choose from, however 6 of our casinos specialize in the Australian market.

If you have ever been to Australia or indeed if you are Australian you will be familiar with Pokies. At first you may be thinking Pokies are poker games but you would be wrong. Pokies are in fact slot machines. This is the first difference between AUS and UK casinos.

So, we now know that there are online casinos for Australian players. The next question is which of our recommended casinos accept Australian players and currency?

Australian ONline CasinosRecommended Australian Online Casinos

  1. Mr Green



Due to regulations we are no longer permitted to offer Mr Green Casino or Live Casino to our readers. We are, however, permitted to offer Mr Green Sportsbook.
So, until further notice all links will direct to the Sportsbook at Mr Green.
We appologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope the situation resolves itself soon and we can continue offering Mr Green Casino to all our readers.


Many of you might expect something different from a casino dedicated to certain countries but you would be wrong. Online casinos have to apply for permits from individual countries to open the market for players. A casino cannot operate in a country that it has no permit for.

The games are the same in most casinos but there are instances where some games are only available in a certain country. Let me explain it more easily. Mansion Casino uses Playtech software so, it does not matter which country you play from, you will have the same games. This is depending if Mansion have a permit for that country. Now, Mr Green has many software providers so, when you play in the UK you will have access to all the different games suppliers. This is also valid for other countries where Mr Green holds a licence. Mr Green has several games producers which also need licence for each country. If the software producers don’t have a licence then those games will not be available to play.

Australian online casinos are the same as any other casino they just need a licence for the country they want to operate in. The welcome package may change to incorporate the countries currency and laws. Always make sure you have ready the terms and conditions. This will make things a lot easier for you and probably save you some time.

In Conclusion

The choice of casinos we recommend is great because we not only offer great casinos but a variety of software and games. Visit each casino for full informations about software, games, welcome packages and promotions. We hope you have enjoyed your visit. Please call again.



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